Nighttime Serenade

Thursday, April 23, 2009

photo from google photos.

When I first moved to Illinois, we lived in the country. We were only 45+ miles out of Chicago, but that was just enough distance to be in middle of Middle America. Everywhere you looked, you could see miles and miles of corn fields.

There were no mountains for the clouds to climb, so those clouds hung low. I saw up close and personal what that familiar song says: "amber waves of grain..."
is beautiful.

Many a night I would be serenaded to sleep by all the sounds of country life. I could hear the critters starting to prowl and the crickets beginning to sing. The owls beginning their hunts and in the distance the whistle of a train. But the most memorable sound was that of the passing cars on Route 38. It went right past my house and late at night, I could hear a car coming for miles.

Sometimes there would be the ba-donk, ba-donk, ba-donk of the car veering too close to the edge of the road. Sometimes that ba-donk, ba-donk, ba-donk would go on for quite sometime and I would always wonder if they had fallen asleep.

It was so peaceful to fall asleep out in the country. If I timed it just right, I could see out my bedroom window and listen to my serenade and watch the magical light show performed just for me by the resident fireflies that lived in the cornfield behind my home.

There is a feeling I would get when I would lay down to bed at night, having witnessed my magical light show, and heard the beginning strums of my familiar song. I called it "the feeling". Do you know the one I'm talking about? It's "the feeling" you get when you are so peaceful and happy that you just KNOW this is what heaven will be like.

It's been a long time since I've had that feeling.

Last night as I lay in bed with my windows open, for the first time in 3 years I heard the beginning refrains of my nighttime serenade. I heard the sounds of the night creatures coming to life. I heard the distant whistle of a train and the familiar refrain of ba-donk, ba-donk, ba-donk. I drifted off to dreamland with the feeling lingering in my mind and for just that moment, the one between slumber and wakefulness, it felt like home.

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14 monkeys jumping on the bed:

  1. wonder woman said...

    I'm glad you've found home.

    You're making me miss Kansas, too. I had no idea how high or low clouds were until I moved to Utah and saw them against the mountains.

    Sleeping with the windows open is near heavenly.

  2. DeNae said...

    Beautiful. Here in Vegas, we only get a few nights a year where we can leave the windows open, but we live far enough away from the city that we get that serenade, too. In fact, we get the sounds of horses bedding down, too. I love it.

  3. Missy said...

    Beautiful writing!
    No sleeping with the windows open here! Too many racoons!

  4. rychelle said...

    i started thinking about lightening bugs long before you even mentioned them.
    your writing provides great imagery!

  5. Melissa said...

    Great writing and it made me think of the time that Splenda and I slept out on the tramp, while our kids slept in the house at my Mom's. At the time it was a farming valley, and we listened to the cows talk to each other all night. So cool. I need a tramp, and I need to sleep outside again.

  6. HILLARY said...

    sounds like heaven to me. this spring is the first time i have ever enjoyed the night time serenade of frogs. i loved it! can't wait for the next surprise for us here!

  7. Tara said...

    Your post just gave me a warm fuzzy....♥

    and i'm realizing how SLOWWWW i am...i'm putting together who the awesome girls behind MMB and the new forum and blogs are... i had no idea it was the 2 of you!! where have i been??? gees!

  8. Larsen's said...

    sounds beautiful! It must have been a great sleep that night. What beautiful imagery with your writing. I could just see and hear all you wrote. It makes me think of my heaven on earth...what exactly is it? Probably...the first few seconds after my children were born and holding them for the first it!! I am sure if I think about it more I can think of more but I am really tired and my brain is gone tonight! lol Thanks for a great post.

  9. Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

    What a lovely post. Look at how you have touched all the people who commented plus probably all those who didn't.

    I hope I remember to do my own post about nighttime sleeping soon. Maybe I'll do it for my personal history group and then use it for a blog.

    Truly, this was lovely. Thank you.

  10. Andrea said...

    We had the windows open and I heard a rooster crow around 4 in the morning, not sure what I was doing awake at that point... but I was thinking how I WOULD NOT like to wake up to that every day.

  11. Bee and Rose said...

    I am so happy you have found your "home":) I love that feeling too...I felt the same way yesterday afternoon while watering my flowers...I just stopped and soaked it all in...

    (beautifully written post!)

  12. Mechelle said...

    Beautiful writing. Wonderful post. "Home" is a good place to be. m

  13. Alyson (New England Living) said...

    What a beautiful post! Your nights in Illinois sound an awful lot like ours. I love living in the country and watching fireflies in the summer and frogs croaking all night. So heavenly. You captured it so well!

  14. SO said...

    I love sleeping with my windows open. Unless a cricket camps out right by the window and won't be quiet. Then I get really, really annoyed.