Music is my life. Or in otherwords: I went to Sherries Concert.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes, music brings me to tears. It has only happened a handful of times. But, when it has, it has been memorable and powerful.

The first time I remember it happening was when I heard Bono sing Live, during his sound check at the UofU concert in 1996. I was sitting at the stoplight at Guardsman's Way, and he started an acoustic "With or Without You". I promptly burst into tears.

Jefe looked at me like I was on drugs and rolled his eyes. He may have muttered something about how this was going to be the longest night of his life.


It was a dream come true for me. (I still get a little emotional when I hear Bono live... and I still want to marry him.)

Another time was when I heard Pat Metheny play for the first time. He is a little scary looking-- but man oh man can that dude make the guitar sing. When I heard Pat strike his first chord... I was in tears. I have no idea why, other than it absolutely moved me beyond words.

The last time it happened was when I heard Sherrie play her stuff-- Live. There is something to be said for the Live venue. Sherrie's concert reserected emotion in me that I haven't felt in a long time... and I cried. I did. It was embarrassing.

Guys. She's good. She is really really good. I don't say that lightly. She was outstanding. Hearing her on her CD is one thing... but hearing her live? It was just plain moving.

I could feel the emotion that she was feeling as she played her music. It translates, and it translates well. That is a hard thing for a musician to do-- translate the emotion behind the song to your audience-- but Sherrie does it flawlessly. Her music is simply inspiring and relaxing. If you haven't entered her giveaway, you should. Then you should go buy one of her CD's... just in case.

I think that my favorite songs that she played were a Jazz one with her brother, My Man's Gone Now; Heart strings; Angels Running; Did You Think to Pray (with a little Bach's Cello suite#1 added in for good measure) and Solitude. My word! I kid you not... The number, Did you Think to Pray was a brilliant piece of arranging!


Go buy her CD, then go enter the giveaway (it ends tomorrow at midnight). Then sit back and prepare to be wowed like you have never been wowed before.

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14 monkeys jumping on the bed:

  1. tracytreehouse said...

    i wish i lived closer so i could've been there! she is awesome! i miss you.

  2. Braden said...

    You are an amazing promoter!

  3. Jo said...

    I was already sad I missed her concert, (Bald Man had to work very late) and now I feel even worse now. Thanks.

  4. SO said...

    I wanted to go so badly but I had to hang with the YW and learn about first aid for girls camp.

    I have an order for her cd that is sitting on my microwave. I need to get it in the mail!!

  5. Annette Lyon said...

    I am SO wishing I could have been there! But at least I have the CD, so I can pretend.

  6. TJ said...

    I liked U2 ok, but was not crazy about them or anything. A couple of years ago they came to SLC and since my hubby is a big fan we went. Now I am IN LOVE with Bono. He was so sexy, especially for an old dude. My husband was totally ok with my new lust affair, but I think that's because Bono made him a little gay.

  7. Jillene said...

    First--I love U2 like that too.
    Second--I REALLY wanted to go to Sher's concert. It's too bad that I had a meeting the same night at the same time (I am in the RS Presidency and am in charge of Enrichment tonight).
    Third--I am going to buy her CD today. (I did enter her giveaway but my luck SUCKS)

  8. Kristina P. said...

    I just got her CD in the mail, and I'm going to listen to it today!

  9. Brittany Marie said...

    I love Bono. That's why I had to scrub out my ears when Adam Lambert screeched out "One" a few weeks ago. Soooo painful.

  10. Heidi Ashworth said...

    Her CD is on its way to me as I type--can't wait! This was a lovely tribute, by the way.

  11. Melissa said...

    I feel better about myself now since I cried the first time I listened to her CD. There are a couple of songs that just "speak to me"

  12. Andrea said...

    We all know that I cried too. However, from where I was sitting I thought I was the ONLY one.

  13. tammy said...

    I have listened to nothing else in the car since I got her CD. I'm begging her to transpose her music on to paper so I can play it. Love it!

  14. Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

    What else can I say? I'm so flattered! Thanks for the ego boost, and for the plug. Love you!!