Soundtrack Sunday

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have posted several times about the fact that I live my life in a musical. I am  constantly thinking-- if I were in a musical I would SO put this song or that song right here and then do a big ole' chorus dance number.


That is the purpose of Soundtrack Sunday. I used to do a little meme called Soundtrack Sunday that I've decided to resurrect. It's a great way to capture those moments and sear them to your memory.

We all have those moments in our lives -- I like to call them Kodak Moments-- that when they are happening, you know they will be epic. Especially if there was music.

That's what Soundtrack Sunday is all about.  Take a story from your life, a memory, and find the perfect song to punctuate it with-- making your very own personal Soundtrack for your life.
My sisters, my Mom and I went to San Diego several years ago for Mother's Day.  It was a total blast.  My sister and I were sitting in Balboa Park  listening to her Ipod, and we were both just singing away.  She looked over at me and said: "This is where if my life were a musical we would all break out in song and dance."

I got all excited, because HELLO! You do that too?

We both smiled that evil knowing grin and started dancing, and singing.

I don't remember what the song was that we were singing along with, but it was so fun to have that little moment with my sister. I'm sure it was bizarre to see a 35+ year old woman singing and dancing with a beautiful little 20 something girl,  but it was a fantastic moment for me.

When I saw Enchanted for the first time, and they had their big "cast" number, I was stunned.

They totally got it right.  That is how I see my life-- one giant musical cast number.

Me singing away with people dancing and following along behind me.

At least I wish that's how it could be.

I did the rinse and repeat cycle on that particular scene in Enchanted over and over again. It was fabulous!  Enchanted nailed how I see my life... my very own personal soundtrack.

I mean, really.

Don't you wish there could be that scary music to warn you of stuff?   Maybe we'd be less likely to make some of the stupid choices we make.

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3 monkeys jumping on the bed:

  1. Amy R. Nelson said...

    I've said for years it would be way easier to make good choices if we had a soundtrack to our lives!

    If I ever saw you singing and dancing in the park, I'd come join you as backup. Seriously.

  2. heather said...

    Personally, I'd love it if little forest (or city) animals would come clean my house.

  3. Heather of the EO said...

    I LOVE that scary music thought. I could have used that warning many-a-time...
    but then again, I guess there wouldn't be so much crashing lovely redemptive music in my life.

    hmmmm. deep thoughts with Heather