How To Get Carmex Out of Your Child’s Hair

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Do not, I repeat DO NOT believe the commercial hype from Dawn Dish Detergent about "getting the grease out."

It may get the grease off your dishes, but out of hair? Yeah. Not so much.

Moxie likes to put crap in her hair. Water. Jam. Lotion and currently, her favorite: Carmex. Lots and lots of Carmex.

Carmex does not come out of your hair with one wash of Dawn Dish Detergent. Or even seven.

I was sitting at the computer at my parents house, doing something incredibly important. Like checking my email and ignoring my kids. My sister came in and said :”Uhh, you need to take care of your kid, pointed at Moxie and then walked out, laughing.”

I looked down and Moxie had taken my brand new—JUMBO I might add—bottle of Carmex and smothered her hair in it. The entire bottle in her hair.

Seriously people. That is nasty.

And greasy.

I freaked out because how in the Sam-Hill am I supposed to get that OUT?

I immediately put her in the tub and used regular shampoo. All that resulted was a wet, greasy mess.

I washed with regular shampoo three more times but yielded nothing but a screaming kid.

I combed it while it was wet with shampoo in it and all that garnered was a need for a thorough tub cleaning.

I remembered the commercial from Dawn saying “It get’s the grease out”.

Yeah. It doesn’t. I tried. Four times.

We were leaving to head up into the mountains on an impromptu picnic so I slathered Moxie’s hair into a pony-less-pony-tail and we headed off.

Seriously gross, people.

I stewed and fretted the entire trip (after taking pictures of the pony-less- pony-tail wearing girl crying) wondering how I was going to get this mess out of my kids hair.

This is where my testimony of Google started to falter because when I Googled “How to get Carmex out of my kids hair” all that came up was from Carmex itself saying “Dawn Dish Detergent gets Carmex out EASY.”

Yeah. Already tried it, and it doesn’t work.

I stumbled and fumbled around until I came up with a sure fire method of getting Carmex out of your Child's hair. I combined a couple of methods I found on Google and it works. Trust me. My Testimony has been restored. 

1. Wash your child’s hair in Dawn Dish Soap—just use a dime sized amount.

2. Take a serving spoon and sprinkle Corn Starch over your child’s hair. Rub it in really good so that it makes a paste on your child’s head.

3. Shampoo with Dawn Dish Soap (while Corn Starch is still on head).

4. Rinse and repeat.

I usually have to do steps two – four 3-4 times.

5. Wash child’s hair with regular soap.

The Corn Starch absorbs the grease and pulls it out of your child's hair.

It would have been fine had I only had to do this process once. I have, however, had to do this process no less than five more times since my first invention of it. It really does work. It’s gross, and you have to scrub the tub really good because of the corn starch and carmex mixed together make a nasty greasy tub ring.

Let’s hope this Carmex wearing phase of Moxie’s goes away soon and is not indicative of future phases.
Like Mo-hawks.

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11 monkeys jumping on the bed:

  1. Missy said...

    I am throwing mine out now! Did it condition her hair? The photo is too cute!

  2. hairyshoefairy said...

    My daughter did that with Vick's Vapo Rub. Awesome. She also painted my sheets with it in addition to her hair. The cornstarch is a good idea. I used baking soda and it worked well, too, with a tough clarifying shampoo and yeah, it took a lot of washing. Ick.

  3. Jillybean said...

    This is just one more reason why I love the internet.

    I once figured out (on my own, no google) how to get an entire bottle of green nail polish out of my daughter's hair.

  4. Janice said...

    My husband once used Vaseline to be dracula for Halloween. After trying many things, they ended up using GASOLINE to get it out. Yes it worked but your method sounds much less explosive and dangerous. Before DCFS reads this, I am NOT condoning using gasoline and have not done so on my children.

  5. Kalli Ko said...

    my sister's daughter used an entire container of bag balm on her head not once, but twice

    you could have fried a chicken on her head

    I think she ended up using something similar to get out as much as she could

    so gross

  6. Rudy Rukus said...

    I am sorry but that is really funny! Luckily since my girls have enough hair challenges they have not yet tried anything that entertaining although here it would probably just be a really great conditioner! haha

  7. Melanie J said...

    I think I'm going to give away my littlest one before she hits the terrible twos.

  8. AS Amber said...

    Harley FREAKS when I wash his hair so we'd be left with the only option being to shave his head. I don't see that working out for a girl, though.

    I'm not surprised it made such a mess! I opened a jar of melted Carmex & it spilled on my shirt & ruined it.

    She's such a cutie! Greasy hair & all!

  9. Serene is my name, not my life! said...

    Oh my gosh. *laugh laugh snort snort*

    Sorry, but am I ever glad it was you and not me!

    But just to be safe, I'm adding this to my list of cleaning recipes. :D

  10. Garden of Egan said...

    I've born testimony so many times of Google.

    Another thing you could have tried was to get everyone to smear their lips across her hair. That might have used up some of it...or not.

  11. Jami said...

    I shall store this tidbit of information away, hopefully I shall never need to use it. Let alone need to use it multiple times.

    I'd suggest a safe for your carmex, but I have kids and I know that no sooner would you buy a safe than they'd learn how to crack a safe.