Hi there! My name is Elisa or --as my children like to call me -- Motherboard.  This is my home away from home... on the Internet. 

I've been blogging since 2003 and I have been featured numerous times in the Deseret News: Mormon Times.  I have also been featured on the podcast Everything Creative, CNN, Deseret News, KSL Radio, KSL Evening News, KSL Studio 5, LDS Living, and Meridian Magazine. I have also been interviewed by ABC's Nightline and The Wall Street Journal.

I like to drink Diet Coke and eat white chocolate truffles while I do my blogging thing.

I am the owner and chief boss lady at MormonMommyBlogs.com and the co-founder of the sites: The Casual Blogger Conference, the sparkly new Casual Blogger Community and the*brand-new-still-in-bubble-wrap* review site Local Community Hot Spots. I have joined together with a group of dynamic and influential bloggers to create the Casual Blogger Network.

I have been married for seventeen years to Jefe (pronounced Heff-ay-- It's Spanish for Boss) and together we have created a great life including, but not limited to: A Mortgage, a crazy boxer dog and four children ranging in ages from sixteen to three. Jefe is from the Chicago-land area and we lived there while he finished law school.  He practiced Law in Chicago for several more years until we uprooted the family and moved to Utah.

I blog to keep my sanity and record the crazy funny things my children say. Some day when I'm dead and buried they can come to my blog and hear the words of their Mother. Or at the very least they can mock my ridiculous use of punctuation and regional slang.

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and of course subscribe to this blog so you never miss one of my snarky posts again.


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